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*REGISTRATION STILL OPEN UNTON LULY 31ST* The fascinating new opera for young audiences Prince Ivan and the Firebird by the leading Greek composer and director Theo Abazis was presented with great success by the GNO Alternative Stage. Βased on a well-known traditional Russian tale which was also the inspiration for Igor Stravinsky’s famous ballet, the work is an ideal introduction to the world of opera from a composer versed in the language of modern music and theatre. Filmed at the GNO Alternative Stage at the SNFCC on 30 December 2017. Greek and English subtitles available.

  • Date: 14/3/2021 12:01 AM - 31/7/2021 11:59 PM
  • Location: Online Event

Price: 5.00


The story talks about the firebird, a big, beautiful bird with magical powers and magnificent feathers in the colour of fire. But what’s more important is that it brings trouble to whomever tries to catch it. The firebird is an unusual being, magical and stunning. It symbolizes absolute freedom, and that’s why conquering it is associated with the fulfillment of one's hardest goals and greatest desires. 

Through a simple yet impressive set, the Alternative Stage carries children and young audiences to a fairy-tale world. Using a magical wardrobe as a vehicle, we travel through lush forests, palaces and otherworldly places, where everything is possible. Vivid colours, magic tricks and on-stage transformations compose an unforgettable music theatre journey. 

Creative team – Cast

Composer, stage director Theo Abazis 
Libretto Sofianna Theofanous

Conductor Michalis Papapetrou 
Set & costume designer Kenny MacLellan 
Choreographer Stavroula Siamou 
Lighting designer Nikos Sotiropoulos
English translation Robin Beer

Tsar Dimitris Nalbandis 
Wolf Panagiotis Athanasopoulos 
Koschei Vasilis Dimakopoulos 
Ivan Yannis Kalyvas 
Vassili Yannis Filias 
Firebird, Yelena Vassia Zacharopoulou 
Dimitri Nicolas Maraziotis 
Nina Lito Messini 
Apple tree Maria Katrivesi

Peasants Christina AsimakopoulouVasilis DimakopoulosAngeliki-Zoi KaragkouniMaria KatrivesiMichalis KatsoulisMiranda MakryniotiLito Messini
Trees Christina AsimakopoulouVasilis DimakopoulosAngeliki-Zoi KaragkouniMaria KatrivesiMichalis KatsoulisMiranda MakryniotiLito MessiniDimitris Nalbandis
Thieves Christina Asimakopoulou, Yannis Filias, Angeliki-Zoi KaragkouniMaria KatrivesiMichalis KatsoulisNicolas MaraziotisMiranda MakryniotiDimitris Nalbandis

Vocal ensemble
Christina Asimakopoulou
Angeliki-Zoi Karagkouni
Maria Katrivesi
Michalis Katsoulis
Miranda Makrynioti

Nicolas Maraziotis
Lito Messini

Marinos Galatsinos (clarinet, flute)
Theo Vazakas (percussion)
Dionisis Vervitsiotis (violin)
Yannis Stratakis (viola)
Sofia Efklidou (cello)
Vilen Karapetyan (double bass)